Disruptive Innovations Transportation

Disruptive Innovations Transportation

I’m sure you already use the term yourself: disruptive. Mostly in connection with digitisation and the associated changes. Additionally, many journalists and authors use the term “disruptive”. As soon as an innovation shakes a market, the magic adjective “disruptive” appears.

Even if Claton Christensen does not regard Harvard Business School Uber as disruptive, the taxi market got shaken up. Since its foundation in 2009, Uber has grown steadily with great success and is now active in 60 countries. Uber has found some imitators who use the UBER business model. Therefore, this makes UBER an innovation, without question, but not disruptive for Claton Christensen.

We define disruptive differently. For us, anything new that somehow encourages people to rethink is cheaper to buy or simply makes life easier by means of modern technology is disruptive.

Have fun with the disruptive innovation blog regarding transport.

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