Disruptive Momentum Gamification

Disruptive MomentumGamification

The term “Gamification” has its origin in the English-speaking world. Hence, gamification derives from the English word “Game”, which means “game”. Ultimately, gamification describes nothing else than the transfer of elements from games into a context that got detached entirely from them. Moreover, it means that principles from game design as well as the adoption of game mechanics.

Finally, gamification has its origins in the entertainment industry and advertising—the primary goal of binding customers to the respective company. In the meantime, however, this approach gains a foothold in numerous industries. Disruptive Momentum Gamification!

In the course of digitalisation, the textile industry is also increasingly decoupling infrastructure and supply. Hence, it affects the retail sector in two ways in this respect: On the one hand, online shops and marketplaces have skimmed off considerable market shares before the textile industry has been able to react adequately. On the other hand, the point of sale shifts more and more to the digital sector in the future. Communication and information platforms such as Pinterest, WeChat and Facebook are increasingly developing into sales channels.

Yuka Mobile App Review

Yuka App – Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food and Cosmetics Scan Yuka is an app that analyses food or cosmetic products. A tool for analyzing food data, Yuka was launched in France less than two years ago. Hence, the phone application is most widely used in France. As of today, it is also available in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and the United …

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SEO Tool SE Ranking

SE Ranking Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes SE Ranking – 360° SEO Application There are numerous SEO tools like SE Ranking. We have also checked many of them and got stuck in SE Ranking. It quickly offers a lot, and the resulting tips are useful and help to improve the ranking. https://youtu.be/Y_Xza-cvVS4 Google Ranking To know where you rank with which URLs …

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Apple Find My

Apple Find My

Reading Time: 4 minutes Be your spy The iCloud service “Find my iPhone” is outrageous, but incredibly useful. With the function on, you can search for a lost or stolen iPhone and even securely delete it remotely. Lock a lost iPhone If the lost device is selected, there are three possibilities here. Press “Play Sound” to make the iPhone …

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Danfoss Link App Seventyone

Danfoss Link App Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Danfoss – You convinced me Danfoss Link App is, as a matter of fact, an intelligent heating controller for wireless control of the room temperature in different rooms. While the solution seems not to be disruptive, it helps to save heating cost. Firstly, the Danfoss Link CC central control unit with its slightly antiquated colour …

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Uber Review

Uber Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Stock Quote: UBER – Thank you for being invented. It all started at Uber with a simple idea: What if you could order a ride with your smartphone? What began as a simple thought soon became a global brand that strives to bring you closer to your goals worldwide. On a cold winter evening in …

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Active Velux automation

Velux Active Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Velux Active – Why make it easy? Basically, the Velux Integra Control Pad KLR 200 was a disappointment. One will probably never understand why Velux does not open up its API. The home automation market has already straightforward solutions like the one from Xiaomi (despite Velux’s new Apple’s Homekit API). Velux is still trying to …

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Revolut Review

Revolut Digital Banking

Reading Time: 6 minutes Revolut (ion) in banking Do you still give away money? The startup from London attracts numerous new customers with a modern app and many sophisticated, free services. Credit Card A small piece of plastic with a chip that costs almost nothing to produce. It enables money transfers that de facto cost nothing at all. The credit …

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Apple Watch Series Review

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stock Quote: Apple Watch 4 – and you sport This Apple Watch Series 4 is the ultimate device for a healthy life. The Apple Watch Series 4 is both innovative furthermore now also mature. It not only offers a larger display. Finally, speed problems are also not an issue. Unquestionably, it is the Smartwatch you’ve …

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Muse Headband InteraXon

Muse Headband Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Muse looks into your brain Pedometers and heart rate monitors were yesterday. InteraXon Muse measures and analyses brain activity. The electroencephalographer helps with meditation, but he has pitfalls. So far, Quantified Self stops where the head begins. Pulse, number of steps, mileage and altitude, calories burned – all these are measured and calculated more or …

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Xiaomi Smart Home SeventyOne

Mi Home – Xiaomi Smarthome Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stock Quote: Mi Home – Efficient Home Automation Xiaomi Tech is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that was founded by Lei Jun in 2010. It became the short-term market leader for smartphones in China in December 2013; Huawei is currently the most significant Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Xiaomi unveiled the Smart Home Kit in 2015. Initially, the …

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