Disruptive Momentum Finance

Disruptive Momentum Finance
The financial sector is facing disruption. However, the question is who is driving these changes.

Hence, digitalisation brings us disruptions in a wide variety of industries. Consequently, the book trade has been hit particularly hard – especially in the USA.

Now Imagine something similar happening in the financial sector. Start-ups or significant digital players such as Amazon, Google, Facebook (Libra) and Apple are starting to turn the traditional banks’ business models upside down with innovative concepts.

In our personal opinion, the financial sector does a bad preparation job for this change due to the fear of losing the job and the pressure on quarterly results. After all, it looks like traditional banks will lose business and finally end up as transaction banks. However, there is already the next threat waiting for them – the blockchain.

Finally, the digital disruption of banking business models is about more than a radical change in an industry. It’s about a drastic change in our entire financial system. And this is how disruption at banks differs fundamentally from upheavals in all other sectors.

A major disruptive competitor is now Revolut, which is already challenging a sizeable proportion of retail customers to banks in some countries.

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