Disruptive Momentum

Disruptive Momentum Comfort

Disruptive momentum providing comfort simplified our daily lives.

After all, the new disturbing items are not necessarily better or more powerful. However, they could cause interference by being cheap or simple enough for mass adoption, and then, like most computers, they grow faster, more powerful, and better over time. Hence, there is the usual chorus that consumers don’t even know they need something until it is born, and that goes for many disruptive technologies.

Just think about Netflix once. How tedious it was to watch TV with all these advertising interruptions. In addition, you don’t want to watch a show at a given time anymore, but when you feel like it and when you have time. As a consequence, Netflix has completely changed the behaviour of serial junkies. In addition, Netflix allows you to watch series, some of which are not even available on our channels.

In this category, we want to share some Disruptive Innovative Comfort products.

Kenwood Elite Kitchenaid

Kenwood Elite Titanium Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Kenwood – the kitchen helper The Kenwood Chef Elite Titanium is on duty with us every two days. Mostly for kneading bread dough and as a crusher. Accordingly, the machine is always ready to hand in our kitchen and gets not put away. Hence, the model Elite Titanium is so beautiful that it became a …

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Image Pexels

Pexels Pixabay Unsplash

Reading Time: 6 minutes Free Stock Photos Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash are stiff competition to the paid stock photos from the most popular websites like iStockphoto.com (Getty Images) and Shutterstock.com. At the latter, you can find pictures of almost everything – but at a juicy price. Furthermore, these photos are often very professional and rarely natural. Just not a …

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Covid Coronavirus


Reading Time: 6 minutes Corona Virus – The Disease Above all, it was a tough decision bringing up the Covid-19 here. However, in recent years there has been nothing more disruptive than this virus. Hence, Bats, the presumed source of the new infectious disease Covid-19, are a pure reservoir for viruses. A year ago, scientists from Wuhan, China, warned …

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Wireless Charger

Joyroom Wireless Charger

Reading Time: 5 minutes Wireless charging We have tried many wireless devices, and today we would like to introduce the Joyroom Qriginal QI wireless charger. It is one of the tools that will accompany us on our travels in conjunction with the Morui ML20 Powerbank, which we have already introduced. How does a wireless charger work? Wireless, i.e. inductive charging, …

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DeepL Google Translate

DeepL Translation – Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Online Translation The DeepL translator is an online service of DeepL GmbH in Cologne for machine translation, which went online on 28 August 2017. Hence DeepL, in our opinion, surpassed the translation quality of competitors such as Google and Microsoft in studies. https://youtu.be/mOEeRzopRrE Moving Forward With the radical change in the approach to the development …

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Yuka Mobile App Review

Yuka App – Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food and Cosmetics Scan Yuka is an app that analyses food or cosmetic products. A tool for analyzing food data, Yuka was launched in France less than two years ago. Hence, the phone application is most widely used in France. As of today, it is also available in Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, and the United …

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SEO Tool SE Ranking

SE Ranking Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes SE Ranking – 360° SEO Application There are numerous SEO tools like SE Ranking. We have also checked many of them and got stuck in SE Ranking. It quickly offers a lot, and the resulting tips are useful and help to improve the ranking. https://youtu.be/Y_Xza-cvVS4 Google Ranking To know where you rank with which URLs …

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Dubai - a review

Dubai Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes The World is not Enough Dubai has undergone rapid change in recent years. Cars roar through the streets, huge skyscrapers, colourful billboards turn night into day. If one still recognized certain Arabic basic features on our first journey in the year 2000, it became today a megacity. The region has undergone a “disruptive innovation”. https://youtu.be/cLCTDPOJuFc …

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Apple Find My

Apple Find My

Reading Time: 4 minutes Be your spy The iCloud service “Find my iPhone” is outrageous, but incredibly useful. With the function on, you can search for a lost or stolen iPhone and even securely delete it remotely. Lock a lost iPhone If the lost device is selected, there are three possibilities here. Press “Play Sound” to make the iPhone …

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LinkedIn Review Seventyone

LinkedIn Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes To be or not to be linked-in The business platform LinkedIn positively has over 600 million active members. Hence, a revolution in business life is on the horizon and represents an innovative innovation for open-minded people. https://youtu.be/U596UToyxRw Who needs LinkedIn LinkedIn describes itself as a “knowledge network for decision-makers”. Above all, leading specialists, successful managers …

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Trek Powerfly Review

Trek Powerfly FS 5 – 2019 Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes E-Bike Fully The Trek Powerfly has become a true classic among E-MTB. Over the last few years, the bike has received numerous upgrades. Trek has also provided the Powerfly FS 5 bike with a smart integrated battery and offers the Powerfly LT in two super prestige carbon variants to keep up with the competition. https://youtu.be/eAbMVL3Rcxo …

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Neo Crypto Insight

NEO Cryptocurrency Review

Reading Time: 8 minutes NEO Smart Contracts Anyone recently trading in cryptocurrencies stumbled across the relatively young AntShares, which get called NEO since the beginning of August. Crypto insiders consider the young cryptocurrency NEO to be exciting and undervalued. Allegedly, NEO is exceptionally dynamic, promises big profits and is safe as an investment. We are not so sure about …

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GTranslate Plugin Review

GTranslate Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Automated Website Translation Somewhat by coincidence, we came across GTranslate to offer our website seventyone.ch in other languages. The result in connection with search engines is phenomenal. To have a website translated professionally takes time and costs a lot of money. With this disruptive innovation, it is now possible for every website owner and blogger …

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day pass SBB Supersaver

SBB Supersaver Ticket

Reading Time: 6 minutes Best Price Travel – Supersaver A disruptive innovative SBB Supersaver Ticket is the easiest way to travel inexpensively by train in Switzerland! Now that the number of train passengers in Switzerland has continuously risen, SBB would like to attract more people to its trains with individualised prices. Hence, for times which are less busy due …

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TylöHelo Infrared Room

TylöHelo Infrared Cabin Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes TylöHelo Infrared Wellness @ home An infrared cabin creates a pleasant heat supply that appeals to the entire body. In this respect, we regard this as an innovation, as saunas require a relatively large amount of space, and time is often an obstacle. Moreover, an infrared cabin is switched on, and only shortly afterwards it …

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Airbus A Superjumbo

Airbus A380 Review

Reading Time: 7 minutes Stock Quote: Airbus A380 – The Superjumbo We’re already extremely delayed to report the disruptive innovation of the Airbus A380. This plane enabled Emirates to put other established airlines companies under pressure. However, after the Arab airline Emirates reduced its order, there was no basis for continued production, as Airbus announced in February 2019. Woefully, …

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Danfoss Link App Seventyone

Danfoss Link App Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Danfoss – You convinced me Danfoss Link App is, as a matter of fact, an intelligent heating controller for wireless control of the room temperature in different rooms. While the solution seems not to be disruptive, it helps to save heating cost. Firstly, the Danfoss Link CC central control unit with its slightly antiquated colour …

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Uber Review

Uber Review

Reading Time: 6 minutes Stock Quote: UBER – Thank you for being invented. It all started at Uber with a simple idea: What if you could order a ride with your smartphone? What began as a simple thought soon became a global brand that strives to bring you closer to your goals worldwide. On a cold winter evening in …

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Active Velux automation

Velux Active Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Velux Active – Why make it easy? Basically, the Velux Integra Control Pad KLR 200 was a disappointment. One will probably never understand why Velux does not open up its API. The home automation market has already straightforward solutions like the one from Xiaomi (despite Velux’s new Apple’s Homekit API). Velux is still trying to …

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Sezane Paris Fashion

Sézane Paris Style Clothing Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sézane Blogging, Online Shop, Brick-and-Mortar Shop French-style Sézane is one of the most sought after all over the world, so it’s no surprise that Sézane’s pieces are popular with international shoppers. More and more online shops rely on “brick-and-mortar” shops, i.e. actual flagship stores where customers can touch the goods, try them on and – if …

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Revolut Review

Revolut Digital Banking

Reading Time: 6 minutes Revolut (ion) in banking Do you still give away money? The startup from London attracts numerous new customers with a modern app and many sophisticated, free services. Credit Card A small piece of plastic with a chip that costs almost nothing to produce. It enables money transfers that de facto cost nothing at all. The credit …

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Apple Watch Series Review

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stock Quote: Apple Watch 4 – and you sport This Apple Watch Series 4 is the ultimate device for a healthy life. The Apple Watch Series 4 is both innovative furthermore now also mature. It not only offers a larger display. Finally, speed problems are also not an issue. Unquestionably, it is the Smartwatch you’ve …

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Canon i SensysMFCx Review

Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stock Quote: Canon MF635Cx – Home Office Champion With the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx, the manufacturer undoubtedly enters a new era in colour laser multifunction printers for the home office. Mainly, colour laser multifunction printers are often a noisy business, especially when the fans are still running for a long time even though the activity is …

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Apple Air Pods Review

Apple – AirPods Generation 2 Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stock Quote: AirPods – the reinvented EarPod When Apple released the AirPods in 2017, the reaction was fierce. Hence, hardly anyone wanted to stick anything in their ear that looks like chopsticks.  Noteworthy, the white EarPods with the white cable were still fashionable and have become a cult. Consequently, why would you buy the wireless …

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Sonos Review

Sonos Play Speakers Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stock Quote: Sonos System – What else? Gone are the days when your Hi-Fi system was restricted to one room., thanks to Sonos. Finally, you can stream your favourite music from various devices to multiple speakers using your home wireless connection. Sonos Multiroom However, plenty of manufacturers offer this multi-room experience, but the American company …

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Best Wordpress Plugin

Best WordPress Plugins 2019

Reading Time: 4 minutes Best Plugin: Elementor WordPress Plugins can help you make your website more beautiful, faster and safer and thus increase your traffic and save a lot of time.  One of the things people love about WordPress is the massive library of third-party plugins. But with 54,000+ free plugins listed on WordPress.org alone and thousands more listed …

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Morui Review

Morui ML20 Review

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well designed Power Bank MORUI ML20 Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger Large Capacity Mobile Power with LED Smart Digital Display for Phones Tablet and dual USB output. Powerbanks with 20000 mAh belong to the superpower class of Powerbanks. Only a few Powerbanks offer even more capacity. Powerbanks with 20000 mAh have enough power to recharge …

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reMarkable Paper Review

reMarkable Tablet Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Remarkably reMarkable The reMarkable Tablet can do little – but what it can do, it can do well.  It is an e-ink writer tablet. Moreover, the writing surface feels like the Amazon Kindle. The tablet allows reading documents, sketching, note-taking to transmit a paper-like writing experience. Furthermore, the disruptive gadget got developed by a Norwegian …

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Netflix Le Chalet

Netflix Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stock Quote: Annoyed by TV channels? Get Netflix In the US, Netflix has long been a fixture in the world of video services. For this reason, after the launch in German-speaking countries in 2014, expectations of the online service were correspondingly high. Netflix Inc. is a US company, which has become famous for streaming and …

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Xiaomi Smart Home SeventyOne

Mi Home – Xiaomi Smarthome Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes Stock Quote: Mi Home – Efficient Home Automation Xiaomi Tech is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that was founded by Lei Jun in 2010. It became the short-term market leader for smartphones in China in December 2013; Huawei is currently the most significant Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Xiaomi unveiled the Smart Home Kit in 2015. Initially, the …

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