Disruptive Innovations Music

Disruptive Innovations Music

The disruptive innovations related to music has been disastrous for the music industry. We went from a monopolistic industry to an industry, which allows the consumer to consume instantly what they want.

It got to a perfect level by the Swedish music service Spotify for over ten years. The company around company founder Daniel Ek, who has a past in Internet piracy, has stood for the universal availability of music since its market entry. Moreover, for dissolution of boundaries that are no longer tied to a sound carrier. Furthermore, also no longer to playback devices such as the iPod, which in the nineties had already sunk the CD into insignificance.

Unlike in those years of piracy, the music industry reconciled itself to streaming after initial scepticism. What’s more, the big labels invested in Spotify. This made it possible for the company’s securities to trade on Wall Street since 2018.

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