Disruptive Innovations Home Automation

Disruptive Innovations Home Automation

Smart home technologies have arrived in the industry. They have not yet conquered the mass market, but they are meeting with increasing interest from consumers.

The term “home automation” is familiar to most Internet users, and many believe that intelligent applications will affect their future lives most in their homes. Energy, lighting and security products are particularly attractive.

As we spend a large part of our time at home. Therefore, it is logical that we are striving for more living comfort and want to save time and money.

Energy consumption, for example, saves by optimum control and regulation of the heating system. Automated processes for daily tasks, such as watering plants, may save time.

The installation of alarm systems and various alarm systems, among other things to check whether you locked doors and windows, provides greater security.

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Mi Home – Xiaomi Smarthome

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stock Quote: Mi Home – Efficient Home Automation Xiaomi Tech is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that was founded by Lei Jun in 2010 and became the short-term market leader for smartphones in China in December 2013; Huawei is currently the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Xiaomi unveiled the Smart Home Kit for in 2015. Initially, the …

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