Disruptive Innovations Gamification

Disruptive Innovations Gamification

The term “Gamification” has its origin in the English-speaking world. Hence, gamification derives from the English word “Game”, which means “game”. Ultimately, gamification describes nothing else than the transfer of elements from games into a context that got detached entirely from them. Moreover, it means, that principles from game design as well as the adoption of game mechanics.

Finally, gamification has its origins in the entertainment industry and the field of advertising. The primary goal binding customers to the respective company. In the meantime, however, this approach gains a foothold in numerous industries.

In the course of digitalisation, the textile industry is also increasingly decoupling infrastructure and supply. Hence, it affects the retail sector in two ways in this respect: On the one hand, online shops and marketplaces have skimmed off considerable market shares before the textile industry has been able to react adequately. On the other hand, the point of sale shifts more and more to the digital sector in the future. Communication and information platforms such as Pinterest, WeChat and Facebook are increasingly developing into sales channels.

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