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Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx Review Seventyone

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With the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx, the manufacturer Canon undoubtedly enters a new era in colour laser multifunction printers for the home office.

Mainly, colour laser multifunction printers are often noisy, especially when the fans are still running for a long time even though the activity is long over. Differing from this, the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx is an exception: in the test, it quickly switches to sleep mode after printing, scanning or copying and is barely perceptible. In this respect, the device doesn’t interfere on or beside your desk.

We find that the paper supply is too small for the enormous throughput. Besides, the follow-up costs are high with that device. However, the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx model supports everyday work in the home office. Self-employed people often only need one to three printed pages, precisely fitting and at an acceptable price per page.

Canon MF 635Cx Equipment

With the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx multifunction printer, the manufacturer is thinking of applications in small businesses that produce an average of 250 to 2500 prints a month. Here the multifunction printer is usually integrated into a network. The MF635Cx with Gigabit-LAN and n-WLAN offers two possibilities for this. However, the Canon model has a USB interface as a local connection.

One can also see the strength of the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx’s focus on network operation right after switching it on for the first time. The setting routine immediately wants us to set up a password for the user interface (UI) via the web browser. From here, you can not only manage the device but also define buttons that you load onto the multifunction printer.

However, the touch control panel can be tilted but sometimes somewhat idiosyncratically to finger pressure. To scroll from the start to the next page, you must correctly hit the right arrow. Otherwise, the app will accidentally open for an attached USB medium.
Besides, we only have access to all settings and functions via the touch panel if we enter the system ID. It is 7654321 in the factory settings for the “System Manager ID” and for the PIN. However, this setting makes sense because it prevents users from making changes to the device even though they are not authorised.

Hence, you can also access the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx via the network from a smartphone or tablet. The ways are manifold with Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and the manufacturer’s “Canon Business Print”.

Factory reset

Thousands of passwords in different configurations make you quickly forget your password. Unfortunately, you can’t reset it yourself, but you must contact Canon. However, I tend to do a “factory reset” and write the password on a post-it next time and put it behind the printer.
The Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx should automatically restart after the factory reset. Hence, all default factory settings should get restored. Keep in mind that you have to reconfigure your printer after these steps.

Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx - Specification

Type: 4-in-1 A4 multifunction laser printer
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, USB Type-B, NFC
Data storage slot: USB
Warm-up Time: 13 secons from power on
First Print Out: 10.9 secons (mono), 12 seconds colour.
Print speed: 18ppm (fast colour), 27 ppm (b & w) or 11ppm double-sided
Main paper tray capacity: 250 sheets
Print quality: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Scan quality: 9,600 x 9,600 dpi
Touch Screen: 12.7cm
Apple AirPrint: Yes
Size/Weight: 451mm x 460mm x 400mm (W x D x H); 26.5kg
Installation Space: 651mm x 1,210mm x 776mm

Expensive toner

A set of four toner cartridges is included, and Canon has increased their yield, so you can expect to churn out a claimed 6,300 black and white pages or 5,000 colour documents before running out of toner. Nevertheless, the original toners are comparatively costly. With all the advantages of the original toners, such as notification of toner shortage, we use cheaper toners with the blank indication that the printout suddenly has print stripes.

The Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx is a fully-featured 4-in-1 that suits a busy small to medium-sized business. Fast printing and double-sided scanning should keep your (home)-office printing promptly.

It is the perfect colour laser MFP with an unsurpassable price/performance ratio. We, therefore, are unreservedly recommendable.

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48 Responses

  1. A bit big, but efficient
    It’s a pity that the screen is not near the printer, which requires more space on the page.

  2. Often colour laser multifunction printers are a noisy affair, especially when the fans are still running for a long time even though the activity has long since ended. Here, the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx is an exception: in the test, it quickly switches to sleep mode after printing, scanning or copying and is then barely.

  3. In short, after 30 years of using printers of all kinds, now by far my best MFP/Laser printer 🙂

  4. Solid and flexible multifunction printer, perfect for small to medium print volumes, highly recommended!

  5. Still haven’t managed to set up the scanner after weeks. I’m an average user, but apparently, you have to be an IT specialist to get this thing to work.

  6. I evaluated for a while and then bought the right printer for me. The photo print was vital to me. Otherwise, there are cheaper Pinter printers. In the beginning, the photo print was pale, but with the readjustment in the Adjustments/Maintenance menu, the image was perfect (see photos, approx. A5 size).
    I can recommend the printer. I use it privately as a network printer.
    The setup did not seem complicated – I unpacked and installed it within half an hour. It worked straight away. A day later, I installed the scan utility on the PC. Works excellently.

  7. The factory default System Manager ID and password are 7654321 for both ID and password. If this is changed, We will be happy to provide you with the steps to reset the printer. Please contact our Desktop Printing and Imaging Solutions Department at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), 8A-8P EST, Monday – Friday (excluding holidays). The support representative can perform a printer reset. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, these steps need to be provided by phone with a technician assisting you through it.

  8. Generally, a fabulous printer prints colour more beautifully than my previous inkjet and theoretically has all the features you could want.

  9. Friends, in short, I have this problem. If I install the packaged driver for canon 635, it is perfectly installed, and everything is hard, but it does not even print a test page, although the troubleshooting tool says everything is fine.

    [Windows 64bit] MF635Cx / MF633Cdw MFDrivers (Generic Plus UFR II / Generic Plus PCL6 / Generic Plus PS3 / Generic FAX / ScanGear)

    Moreover, if I install a separate printer driver from the same Canon site, everything is fine and prints but does not scan because the scanner driver comes in that batch application.

  10. Easy to set up, network connection works well.
    The automatic switch-off bothers me, and I have not yet found where I could change this. Unfortunately, the printer cannot be switched on again from the workstation when it is off. You have to press the On/Off button on the printer.

  11. Good and cheap. Unfortunately so user-unfriendly that I want to get rid of the printer. Unbelievable that this is still so badly implemented today.

  12. A suitable device. But if you want to use the Scan to Mail function, you will lose your nerve after hours of trying. The email address cannot be set up no matter what you try. The device does not send the scans. Not to be used as a printer, but OK as a scanner.

  13. Use a wireless LAN connection at your discretion and risk. Suppose you connect the unit to an unsecured network. In that case, third parties can gain access to your personal data, as the radio waves in wireless communication radiate everywhere and penetrate walls.

  14. The part is ingenious. From the previous reviews, I imagined the start-up to be more tedious – I found it quite easy.

  15. For the MF729Cx, the System Manager ID and PIN are “7654321” by default. For greater security, you should change this setting.

  16. All in all, the printer is excellent! I definitely don’t regret buying it.
    In addition, the toners are much cheaper than competing products.
    Great printer!

  17. The volume during operation is already extremely loud. The installation and menu navigation come straight from hell, where the programmer of the thing has probably been stewing for years.

  18. At the first start-up, the unit rumbled as if I had bought a model tank. After that, however, the set-up went very quickly.

  19. This enables restoration of all data and machine settings, including logs, to the factory default values. This prevents sensitive data from being leaked when replacing or disposing of the machine. When the initialization process finishes, the machine automatically restarts.

    Before initializing, make sure that there are no documents being processed or waiting to be processed. These documents will be deleted when initialization is performed.
    To use the machine after initializing it, you need to configure all settings from the beginning.
    On the home screen of the operation panel, press the right arrow.
    Press Menu
    Press Management Settings
    Press Initialize All Data/Settings
    Press Yes
    Press Yes, again
    The printer should automatically restart and all default factory settings should be restored and will need to be reconfigured.

  20. in operation for a week. Printing and scanning work perfectly.
    The back has also recovered from the transport 😉

  21. Since I use the printer relatively minor, the ink glands of the inkjet predecessor tended to dry out from time to time. The individual cartridges also cost a lot of money.

  22. I received the unit today. After setting it up and inserting the installation DVD, I discovered it was not readable. That’s not too bad, but it can happen.

  23. I have nothing to say about the print, but I don’t have high expectations either. The touch panel was an embarrassment in 2018. The iPhone was better ten years ago. It spoils the fun of using the device. The manual is very, very weak. Essential for anyone wondering what their system manager ID should be. Both the ID and password are 7654321 by default! Hardly / not at all to be found in the instructions.

  24. Der Drucker ist defekt. Papierstau. Ich habe Papier entfernt. Ich finde nichts mehr. Trotzdem streikt er.
    Was soll ich machen? Das Gerät ist für mich (77 Jahre) sehr schwer. Die Verpackung habe ist nicht mehr.

  25. When scanning directly to a USB stick, USB sticks formatted in today’s common ExFat format are not recognised, only Fat32.
    Printing does not work in the 5GHz Wifi range.
    In connection with a Mac, it does not seem to be possible to save a scanned document on the MF635 to the Mac connected via Lan/WLan. This is only possible if the scanning process is triggered by the Mac.

  26. My first Canon laser MFP – I was impressed by the settings (possible and necessary): better not be technophobic because the default setting is not adapted to the functionality, e.g. recto-version “no”. The documentation is complex, but thanks to google, it can be found).
    In standby, the printer runs in an “error” state after two days of inactivity – and stays stuck – but after stop-start, it’s okay. I haven’t investigated it yet.

  27. The printer is quite alright. The print quality is good. The only annoying thing is the refill cartridges.
    After just a few pages (200) of black and white, the printer complains that the black and white cartridge is empty. Without further ado, I bought a new one and inserted it. After 500 pages of text with colour elements, the printer complains that the colour cartridges are empty. I ignored the message and printed another 500 pages in black and white/colour, and the print is still clean and tidy.

    I could probably have printed more pages with the first black-and-white cartridge without noticing any change in the print quality.

  28. I particularly like colour printing. I previously had an HP Officejet 8500 Pro and was tired of running out of cartridges whenever I wanted to print in colour. I was also disappointed with printing on plain paper or photo paper. With the laser printer, the colours are rich and shiny. Just as you would expect from a colour print, of course, it’s not a photo printer, but it’s super quality for private use.

  29. The printer can do a few things my previous colour laser could not: Duplex scanning, freely definable “quick actions”, and fast scanning,…
    However, the manual is complete rubbish, as it already fails to tell me the default login data for the admin interface. I had to look for them myself on the Internet.
    Once logged in, it was very complicated to configure the default actions (for the printer control panel). Intuitive is different. In the age of smartphone apps, I always wonder how such poor user guidance can still be offered. The programmers of this UI have entirely failed.
    The home button on the control panel still doesn’t work. If I want to return to the default interface quickly, I must switch the printer off and on again.
    However, the print image is perfect, and it scans very quickly.

  30. Unfortunately, hardly any photo printing software works on the machine, certainly not Canon’s.

  31. К сожалению, почти никакое программное обеспечение для печати фотографий не работает на этом аппарате, и уж точно не программное обеспечение Canon.

  32. I printed practically nothing with the thing (the print function was just a sordid accessory in case I had to print something out). I was interested in the scanner because German offices and authorities still don’t know how to communicate electronically and print everything on paper (Germany is the leader in IT technology, the laughing stock).

  33. I purchased the printer for daily homeschooling prints and my small real estate office. As a real estate agent, I want to present clean, unadulterated expos to my clients. The photo quality is excellent, as is the transmission speed via wifi and printing.

  34. While there seems to be nothing wrong with the quality at first, there is something to complain about in use: On the one hand, the touchpad could respond better. On the other hand, you are locked out of the settings because the default system manager ID and PIN are not visible anywhere. These are 7654321 for both the system manager ID and the PIN.

  35. I only had the device in service for a short time to check its function. I noticed that the touch panel did not react cleanly or quickly enough, i.e. actions were not carried out or only after pressing several times or for a long time. This is unacceptable to me, so I am returning the device.
    I can’t say much about the rest, but at first glance, it seemed okay.

  36. After I had already had many colour inkjet printers, and the last one was annoying with empty tanks, patchy printouts etc., I decided to buy a colour laser. It also had to be a multifunctional device with a double-sided copying function. I chose the Canon MF635Cx, and I am still thrilled with it after half a year.

  37. I bought the MF635Cx because I wanted to get away from inkjet printers.
    Delivery was typically fast, and the printer was very well packaged.

    The setup for the first time was a bit complicated, and adjusting all the settings to my needs took me a while.

    The print image is of excellent quality, scanning is high-speed even in duplex mode and the printout is not shifted. The copy is almost 1:1, identical to the original, which is something I have only known from a few printers/copiers. It is very fast out of standby mode and prints. Scanning via a network is also impeccable and works without problems.

    I recommend the device and have already done so; he is also very enthusiastic about the printer.

  38. After reading about difficulties with the installation in many reviews, I was surprised at how easy it was, even for me as a complete layman. I have to say that I followed the installation sequence in the instructions exactly and installed the device in the WLAN using the enclosed CD-Rom.
    You have to take your time, of course, but after about 1 hour, I could copy, print from 2 computers connected to the network, scan and save the scans directly to the desired computers and, of course, fax. So everything is as it should be.
    The device does exactly what it should and does it well. The print quality is outstanding. Printing quickly from sleep mode is also possible, as the warm-up phase is very short.
    All in all, I am delighted and can recommend the device with a clear conscience.

  39. An MF635Cx printer is an excellent machine, easy to set up and user-friendly.
    The print image is perfect as long as you use the original toners.

    So why does the printer only get some negative feedback?

    To cut a long story short: if something breaks, like the black axle on the ADF feeder (see photo, there is a predetermined breaking point here), you belong to the cat.
    The service would have come by, cost 300-400€. Sending it in would cost 100-200€. Because according to Canon service, this is not a warranty case. Such a shakily constructed axle with a recognisable predetermined breaking point will undoubtedly break more often—a lucrative additional business for Canon.
    What a pity, I was satisfied with the printer, but now this will be my last Canon device.

  40. This printer is entirely worth the money. I cannot understand reviews to the contrary.
    Either these people have got hold of a model from a junkyard, or they are (sorry) incapable of operating this printer.
    Admittedly, setting up some special functions is a bit time-consuming, but that is because this printer “can” do more than comparable offers in this price segment.
    The system pin was also included in the delivery, not in the user manual, but on an extra insert. Therefore, be careful before you speak!
    In any case, everything works perfectly as described, and I’m not a computer nerd but a craftsman, so I got everything up and running 😉
    I can recommend it and look forward to it whenever I need it.

  41. I am so frustrated with this printer. The touch screen menu has a poor reaction, and I have to press hard to get it to recognize my touch after several tries. The remote UI is a joke – needing to go online to configure it. It doesn’t recognize the passwords I have set. This is practically non-usable.

  42. The printer is 1.5 years old and is defective. It smears, and the overall print quality is so poor that you can hardly see anything. The service department could not fix the problem. The machine was used for home use, printing school work etc. Low load.
    Also worth mentioning is the inferior connection. Printouts are a lottery. Sometimes Apple doesn’t work, then Windows devices. We often send documents to other family members where the printer works.
    A terrible experience.

  43. Laser-Multifunktionsdrucker mit schnellem Druck und beidseitigem Scannen. Sie können an einen PC, eine E-Mail oder ein Netzlaufwerk scannen. Gut geeignet für den Heimgebrauch.