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Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx Review Seventyone

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With the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx, the manufacturer Canon undoubtedly enters a new era in colour laser multifunction printers for the home office.

Mainly, colour laser multifunction printers are often noisy, especially when the fans are still running for a long time even though the activity is long over. Differing from this, the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx is an exception: in the test, it quickly switches to sleep mode after printing, scanning or copying and is barely perceptible. In this respect, the device doesn’t interfere on or beside your desk.

We find that the paper supply is too small for the enormous throughput. Besides, the follow-up costs are high with that device. However, the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx model supports everyday work in the home office. Self-employed people often only need one to three printed pages, precisely fitting and at an acceptable price per page.

Canon MF 635Cx Equipment

With the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx multifunction printer, the manufacturer is thinking of applications in small businesses that produce an average of 250 to 2500 prints a month. Here the multifunction printer is usually integrated into a network. The MF635Cx with Gigabit-LAN and n-WLAN offers two possibilities for this. However, the Canon model has a USB interface as a local connection.

One can also see the strength of the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx’s focus on network operation right after switching it on for the first time. The setting routine immediately wants us to set up a password for the user interface (UI) via the web browser. From here, you can not only manage the device but also define buttons that you load onto the multifunction printer.

However, the touch control panel can be tilted but sometimes somewhat idiosyncratically to finger pressure. To scroll from the start to the next page, you must correctly hit the right arrow. Otherwise, the app will accidentally open for an attached USB medium.
Besides, we only have access to all settings and functions via the touch panel if we enter the system ID. It is 7654321 in the factory settings for the “System Manager ID” and for the PIN. However, this setting makes sense because it prevents users from making changes to the device even though they are not authorised.

Hence, you can also access the Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx via the network from a smartphone or tablet. The ways are manifold with Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and the manufacturer’s “Canon Business Print”.

Factory reset

Thousands of passwords in different configurations make you quickly forget your password. Unfortunately, you can’t reset it yourself, but you must contact Canon. However, I tend to do a “factory reset” and write the password on a post-it next time and put it behind the printer.
The Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx should automatically restart after the factory reset. Hence, all default factory settings should get restored. Keep in mind that you have to reconfigure your printer after these steps.

Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx - Specification

Type: 4-in-1 A4 multifunction laser printer
Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB 3.0, USB Type-B, NFC
Data storage slot: USB
Warm-up Time: 13 secons from power on
First Print Out: 10.9 secons (mono), 12 seconds colour.
Print speed: 18ppm (fast colour), 27 ppm (b & w) or 11ppm double-sided
Main paper tray capacity: 250 sheets
Print quality: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Scan quality: 9,600 x 9,600 dpi
Touch Screen: 12.7cm
Apple AirPrint: Yes
Size/Weight: 451mm x 460mm x 400mm (W x D x H); 26.5kg
Installation Space: 651mm x 1,210mm x 776mm

Expensive toner

A set of four toner cartridges is included, and Canon has increased their yield, so you can expect to churn out a claimed 6,300 black and white pages or 5,000 colour documents before running out of toner. Nevertheless, the original toners are comparatively costly. With all the advantages of the original toners, such as notification of toner shortage, we use cheaper toners with the blank indication that the printout suddenly has print stripes.

The Canon i-Sensys MF635Cx is a fully-featured 4-in-1 that suits a busy small to medium-sized business. Fast printing and double-sided scanning should keep your (home)-office printing promptly.

It is the perfect colour laser MFP with an unsurpassable price/performance ratio. We, therefore, are unreservedly recommendable.

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