BMW X5 M50d • Review

BMW X5 M50d Review

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When the BMW X5 M50d accelerates over two tons to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds, it feels like a minor sensation – but the real appeal of the new BMW X5 M50d lies elsewhere.

The current model has again managed to offer even more driving pleasure. The model has been on the market since 2018, and the car is still growing in size. To summarise, the BMW X5 M50d is among the Diesel-SUV leaders in terms of performance. However, you can seldom exploit the promise of sport, and often you are stuck with it on holiday or in rush hour traffic. But even stop-and-go is fun, and you have the opportunity to use all the functions of BMW Assistant Plus.

Hence, in Comfort mode, the well-insulated three-litre six-cylinder engine barely audibly works its way into the distance. The vehicle reacts sensitively to commands from the accelerator. The car is certainly not a sedan with the M Chassis Professional, but that has never been our wish. We want it to be hard and feel any feedback from the ground. Otherwise, we would have taken the 30d.

First drive - BMW x5 M50d G05

With expectant vigour, the M50d tightens the side bolsters of the superb comfort seats. The Bimmer changes the graphics of the digital instrumentation and suddenly hisses out of the engine compartment with much more presence, supported by the subtle bubbling of the sports exhaust system, which now penetrates far back through the interior insulation. As willingly as the BMW M50d had previously resigned itself to the rigid Swiss speed limits, the 400 hp now nervously demands freedom under sharper gas pedal recognition. The excellent steering system follows the curve precisely.

The 4.9-metre-long M50d has a light-footed, compact appearance thanks to its self-steering rear wheels.

More power than expected

Our first M50d had three turbos and 380 HP. That’s right, once upon a time. The current M50d has a 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engine with four exhaust gas turbochargers, which produces 400 hp and 760 Newton metres of maximum torque, available from 2,000 rpm.

But even before that, directly above idling speed, several hundred brave newton metres already ensure a dominant start at all times. But let’s start from the beginning. The engine wakes up almost without any acoustic background music in the interior. Extremely quiet and completely free of vibration, you wonder at first whether the pressure on the start button has had any effect. But a glance at the rev counter proves the impression wrong. 

Fortunately, we could buy one of these models, as BMW no longer produces this engine. These models are still top-rated on the second-hand market because of the towing power with a trailer.

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40 Responses

  1. I recently test drove the BMW X5 M50d and was blown away by the power and performance. The diesel engine provides a smooth and responsive ride, while the M Sport package adds a sporty edge. Overall, a fantastic SUV for those looking for a blend of luxury and performance.”

  2. The BMW X5 M50d is a true powerhouse on the road. The acceleration is incredibly strong and the handling is precise. The interior is also top-notch, with a luxurious and high-tech feel. Definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-performance SUV.

  3. The BMW X5 M50d is a great choice for those who want a mix of luxury and performance. The diesel engine is efficient and provides plenty of power, and the M Sport package gives it a sporty edge. The interior is also very comfortable and high-tech. Overall, a great car for anyone looking for a high-performance SUV.

  4. The BMW X5 M50d is a true masterpiece of engineering. The car boasts a powerful diesel engine that delivers an impressive amount of power and torque. The handling is sharp and precise, making for a truly exhilarating driving experience. The interior is luxurious and well-appointed, with all the latest technology and comfort features. Overall, the BMW X5 M50d is a fantastic vehicle that combines performance, luxury and practicality in one package.

  5. The BMW X5 M50d is a fantastic vehicle that offers the perfect blend of performance and luxury. The diesel engine provides ample power and torque, making for a thrilling driving experience. The handling is sharp and precise, making the car a joy to drive. The interior is beautifully designed, with all the latest technology and comfort features. The car also offers a spacious and practical interior making it an excellent option for families. Overall, the BMW X5 M50d is a must-have for anyone looking for a high-performance SUV.

  6. The BMW X5 M50d is a powerful and luxurious SUV that offers a thrilling driving experience. The 3.0-litre diesel engine produces an impressive 400 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque, making for quick acceleration and responsive handling. The M Sport suspension and dynamic stability control work together to provide a smooth and stable ride, even at high speeds. The cabin of the X5 M50d is well-appointed and comfortable, with premium materials and advanced technology throughout. The iDrive infotainment system is intuitive and easy to use, and the Harman Kardon sound system provides crisp and clear audio. The X5 M50d also offers plenty of room for passengers and cargo, making it an excellent option for families or those who need to haul equipment. Overall, the BMW X5 M50d is an excellent choice for a premium SUV that offers both luxury and performance.

  7. The BMW X5 M50d is a high-performance luxury SUV with a powerful diesel engine and sporty handling. It’s the perfect choice for those who want the convenience of an SUV with the performance of a sports car.

  8. The BMW X5 M50d is a powerhouse of a vehicle – the perfect combination of luxury and performance.

  9. The diesel engine in the BMW X5 M50d provides plenty of power and great fuel efficiency.

  10. The interior of the BMW X5 M50d is top-notch, with plenty of high-end features and finishes.

  11. I bought this car to drive long distances as comfortably as possible. I live in Savannah South Historic District and go to Venetian Islands twice a month for long weekends. It is convenient to make this trip on one tank of gas. Of course, the flight would be faster than by car, but with the BMW, I get the business class feeling and don’t have to worry if I have a bit of luggage. With today’s customs controls, it also takes 4-5 hours for the door-to-door flight. However, as I leave at 0300 in the morning, there is no traffic on the highway, and I am already in the south for breakfast. Should I ever stay a day longer and do “home office”, I can also do that by car.

  12. The car is powerful and yet easy to drive once you have set all the features. From gliding along quietly to chasing on the motorway – all are possible.

  13. The car is very sought after in the market because it has insane pulling power.

  14. My husband bought this car and I always look forward to the trips from Atlanta to Florida.

  15. Four turbochargers now force the air into the combustion chambers; two small and two large blades each are responsible for one cylinder bank. Simply awesome.

  16. It’s impressive how the Green Party can destroy any fun factor and pressure the car industry. Who votes for the green party? Those who beg dad in the morning to drive them to university?

  17. What I find extreme about this car is the newly installed technology. I have been driven on the highway in a rental car from New York to Philadelphia for a shooting. I just had to have my hands on the steering wheel.

  18. BMW calls it a “Prestige SAV” (Sports Activity Vehicle). But exactly how it differs from the earlier SUV remains hidden. I changed it for a Maserati.

  19. This car should be very sedate due to its size. But sitting in the car, you have the feeling of being in a small sports car, and you have to keep an eye on the speedometer.

  20. In order to use conventional chat services, it’s necessary to disclose personally identifiable information. WhatsApp, for example, requires users to provide their phone number.

  21. BMW calls it a “Prestige SAV” (Sports Activity Vehicle). But exactly how it differs from the earlier SUV remains hidden. What is clear, however, is this: With the six-cylinder turbo diesel from the 750d, the new X5 M50d becomes a powerful driving machine that increases the pressure on competitors like the Audi SQ7. I vote for the bimmer.

  22. Two metres wide, five metres long: subjectively, everything in the new BMW X5 seems as big as it is bulky. If you are not tall, you feel that you are sitting in a too-big saloon. Once you have adjusted the seats to watchtower height, cruising along the straight road is wonderfully smooth. There’s no question about it: the BMW X5, even in the M50d Power version, is a dignified touring vehicle – perfect for long journeys, a true cruiser.

  23. Everyone should have the opportunity to drive such a car. I am sure that we will all be safer on the road. The electronics in this car are so precise and reliable that I can’t imagine any other vehicle. I generally drive my Bimmer with just under 7L/100km, which is an outstanding performance for such a car. I have already gone 1,000 km in a row very early in the morning in the direction of the north, and I have yet to be in the tank reserve area.

  24. I have been driving my BMW M50d this car for three years now and I am still thrilled. It’s a pity this engine is no longer produced, because of the green road glue idiots.

  25. Funny – I can only agree with the previous speaker. I commend the car dealer in Wolfburg, who let these morons sit. I don’t let the joy of driving (with an X5M) be taken away from me, not even by the Green politicians without a school-leaving certificate in Berlin. Shame on us voters.

  26. On the one hand, people are upset that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar, on the other hand, our government is signing a long-term liquefied natural gas contract. Not to mention the Americans (Conoco Phillips), of course. There’s something wrong with the way they want to force us to drive only electrically, even though they’ve predicted the super disaster for this winter.

    The Western world is sick and that’s why I’m going for a spin with my BMW. As long as I’m still alive, I won’t let myself be restricted. Oh yes – about the car: super brilliant, unfortunately, I don’t have one, but I was allowed to drive it with a colleague. We did 800 km in one go and got out as if we had made a short trip. The seats are great and in the eco mode, you feel like you’re floating on clouds. BMW keeps up the good work.

  27. I don’t expect a lack of space in a vehicle of this size, and even if it’s not enough, I can take a lot of stuff on the trailer.

    The interior is bursting with luxury and is correspondingly outstanding. Analogue displays were yesterday. Here everything is digital. Two large monitors keep me informed and allow me to play with numerous gadgets. The instrument cluster is based on round instruments but is also digital. In the virtual world of today, connectivity is also pervasive. I can even use my smartphone as a key.

    I am and always will be a big fan of diesel engines, and the top model is simply a gem, A beautiful six-cylinder. You can’t hear a diesel here. Coupled with an excellent eight-speed automatic, it goes about business with proper zest from any situation.

    And on the chassis side, the X5 can keep up with this tremendous performance. What driving pleasure for an SUV. Despite all this, the BMW also convinced me with its great comfort, which I wouldn’t have thought given all the sportiness.

    Anyway – great review from your side.

  28. There is no other power diesel which can match a BMW X5 M50d. Poor people who could not get one…

  29. I tried the new BMW X5 30d and perhaps an unfair comparison but it always felt slow compared to my BMW X5 M50d, the new M50d in equivalent spec is now around £84K, but there have been few incentives on it so far hence when the X3M deal came out I have made my choice.

    In fairness I did also try to replace my M50d with the new Porsche Macan, but was not really impressed, felt slow, complicated to spec and no real discount but possibly higher residual value?

  30. The X5 is simply a great truck, in M50d it’s even better, ride quality is incredible and performance is superb for such a large vehicle, pushed hard yes it’s slightly soft and sometimes wallows in corners even with air suspension but that’s a small compromise.

  31. I am very disappointed with my BMW X5 M50d, which has 54000KM since 2019.
    To deliver a car which costs 90000 Euro with such a bad quality is a cheek In the interior the workmanship is mediocre.
    The sapphire black paint is scratched after three years. It is not very resistant.
    The quality of my BMW is very poor

  32. Have had the M50d for just under 2 years now. I am absolutely thrilled. In general, the X5 is first an absolutely imposing car, super comfortable and with the engine absolutely sovereign. Already from the first day you noticed that he wants…