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Netflix Review

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Reading Time: 4 minutes
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Annoyed by TV channels? Get Netflix

In the US, Netflix has long been a fixture in the world of video services. For this reason, after the launch in German-speaking countries in 2014, expectations of the online service were correspondingly high.

Netflix Inc. is a US-company, which is has become famous for streaming and producing movies and series. Reed Hastings and Marc Ranolph founded the company in 1997 in Los Gatos (California).

Netflix – the story

Hence, what many do not know: The beginnings of the streaming service go back to the time of VHS cassettes. In 1997 Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings as a kind of digital film distributor. In brief, the computer scientist, he told later, wanted to borrow “Apollo 13” at the video store. But because he missed the loan period, he had to pay 40 dollars in fees. Thereby, the frustration gave rise to a business idea: a video rental by mail.

Subsequently, the post office has now become the World Wide Web, which chases films as data packets through Internet lines. This data-hungry service now, however, accounts for 15 per cent of global Internet traffic.

Nonetheless, the range of films, series and documentaries on offer cannot need the registering with Netflix. However, to get to know streaming offering in peace, the Video on Demand service offers a free trial month. As a result, this trial allows testing Netflix for 30 days without risk. This trial month must be actively cancelled; otherwise, the subscription extends automatically, and Netflix collects the amount of the selected tariff.

Streaming War

Most recently Netflix surpassed the Disney as the most valuable US media company. In 2017, a Netflix production won its first Oscar. However, Disney put Netflix on notice and announced it would launch its own streaming service. Their streaming Platform “Disney+” will the response to Amazon Prime, Youtube and Netflix.

As consequence some Disney productions will be removed from today’s streaming giants and will exclusively be available on “Disney+”. While this is certainly a strong move, we believe that Netflix has become such a strong brand and with its own more recent and client focussed productions the loss of some Disney movies such as “Avengers” or “Iron Man” will not be a huge loss.

Netflix – Movies and Series

Finally, series fans can look forward to original productions such as “From Dusk till Dawn” and “Better Call Saul”. However, whoever expects the vast selection of films as expected in America and wants to watch the latest blockbusters may be a little disappointed, because, for licensing reasons, not all movies are available. Nevertheless, according to their information, the provider is continuously working on expanding the offer.

Nowadays, series lovers get their money’s worth with Netflix. Notably, “Narcos”, “Le Chalet”, “The Rain” or “Blacklist” can be seen in many languages the first time. The successful series, but not really followed “House of Cards” is also on offer. The film programme is rather on the poor side.

Netflix Download

Above all, regular users of public transport appreciate the download function. Additionally, it is also of great value on the way to your vacations (even on the plane) or for boring waiting time.

Once you have found a movie or a series episode you would like to watch offline, look for the download icon. Once the download is complete, it will become available in your Download section. However, if you do not see the symbol to download this is nomal, since not all movies or series episode are available for this service.

There is also a smart download function, which keeps on downloading the next episode automatically.

We use the download function on our old iPad, when connecting to Netflix from another country. This means that you can for instance download Billions in Singapore and watch it in your home destination. Lately we have become also a great fan of using a VPN solution to download movies from the US.

Netflix Price (2019)

For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy Netflix on your smartphone, tablets, smart TV, notebook on any streaming device. Subscriptions start from as low as Swiss Francs 11.90 per month. Netflix offers also 30 days free access.

Unfortunately, Netflix is about to increase the price of the more expensive subscriptions such as the standard-HD-subscription from Swiss Francs 15.90 to 16.90 per month. The luxury version for families increases from Swiss Francs 19.90 to 21.90. While this sounds like super expensive – visit the traditional movies as a family and you spend three times as much.

Netflix Recommendations Right Now


Without a doubt, Netflix has revolutionized television. As a result of its success, the streaming service spent 13 billion US dollars on film productions – more than any Hollywood studio.

Where budgets become tighter and patrons less in the former dream factory, Netflix can spend the money on the full. Therefore, Netflix is the future and has accompanied the momentum from the beginning to turn off the TV stations.

Netflix Homepage

Fast Wifi Mesh by Netgear Orbi.

  • Price models, in-house productions, original sound as well as translations or at least subtitles, intelligent handling when changing devices (iPhone, iPad, TV, …).
  • Few trailers, too dark on iPhone and iPad, at times there is a lack of good movies.

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