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Balsam Hill stands for exceptionally authentic Christmas trees. Commonly, we, too, have always held back with our Christmas decorations until the 1st Advent has come. But for a few years, we liked to put up our tree earlier, on the one hand, to have photos already in the pre-Christmas period. On the other hand, we are always on the road a lot in December. This year we took the opportunity to put up the tree now, but it will still last a long time because it is an artificial Christmas tree.

I’ll admit it right from the start. We were one of the biggest sceptics regarding artificial Christmas trees. For years we refused to do without a real tree and even talked to friends out of it. The reason is apparent – how could a lookalike replace an original? I had never seen an artificial tree that I liked. Most artificial Christmas trees look bare, dull, and sad. The needles of most specimens look anything but natural, at least on closer inspection.

Balsam hill saves trees

But last year, we bought a Balsam Hill Christmas tree during black Friday week. However, we did a lot of research beforehand. Balsam Hill produces artificial trees and Christmas decorations using the True Needle technique. The trees are carefully made, and already in the online shop, they looked very high quality. We decided to give our scepticism a jolt and ordered a Balsam Fir.

What a parcel - the Balsam Tree arrived!

We were thrilled with the first impression when we unpacked the tree. The needles look deceptively real, and the colour is true to nature. Even the branches are brown and give the tree depth. The tree comes in three parts and is packed in a large storage bag. Two pairs of gloves in different sizes, an adapter and replacement bulbs for the fairy lights are included. By the way, this is the most remarkable feature of artificial Christmas trees by Balsam Hill: they are wholly equipped with lights, so you don’t have to install a string of lights. We chose the opulent Balsam Fir model, 210cm high, with 5,059 spikes and 600 white candlelights.

An artificial tree from Balsam Hill is set up in no time and works independently. The three parts are inserted into each other, the branches then fold down, and your artificial Christmas tree is ready to go. Then it’s time for fine-tuning. The components are bent up and adjusted. Even towards the trunk, the tree is very dense and has softer needles to blend the last gaps. Since Balsam Hill is an American company, you now have to attach the supplied adapter for German sockets to the light chain and bang – the tree lights up in all its glory and can be decorated.

Thank you Balsam Hill

We were already surprised at how great the tree felt and looked during the assembly. It seems anything but artificial, cool or bare. The needles are deceptively real, and thanks to the many small lights and the tree size, it looks exquisite. The quality of Balsam Hill has its price, but since the tree is straightforward to assemble and disassemble and can be stored in a practical bag, it will last a long time – the investment is worth it. One tiny drawback for all Christmas romantics: the smell of a real tree is missing, of course, but that is quickly forgotten by the daily sight of this tree and can be easily replaced with the smell of fresh biscuits and fir candles.

We are super happy about our tree, and I am pleased that it is already up and that we can enjoy it for a long time. Our scepticism about artificial trees has vanished.

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