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Airlines Manager Tips Cheat Review

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Playrion Airlines Manager is a professional simulation game where you can run your airline! Moreover, you are the newly appointed CEO of an airline of your choice, with 300 million in your hand. Hence, it’s time to become the number-one airline in the world. Train your skills and show the Airline CEO that you can be a disruptive challenger.

Further, don’t be fooled by the mobile platform because Airlines Manager is a proven real super-deep simulation game. There’s firstly a lot of numbers and, secondly, logistics to take care of here. 

Tips airlines manager


The economy class used in Emerging Market regions is preferred, whereas always pay attention to the cargo possibilities – good money and increases quickly. In our case, this is CGK – Jakarta – Soekarno Hatta International Airport to CMN – Casablanca – Mohammed V International Airport. Thus, We serve the route as part of a 168-hours week schedule resulting in 63 weekly flights using the Airbus A380-800 model with a 372 (341/25/6) 51T configuration.

Whooping weekly results: 43,092 Pax in Economy-, 2,569 Pax in Business-, 476 Pax First-Class, and an insane 5,747 T of Cargo. Or, in financial terms, generating a gross profit of 51,219,545/day or 292,902,743 net profit a week.

Buy fewer aircraft types, making replacement/rescheduling easier. The Airbus A380-800 is undoubtedly one of the more efficient aircraft, whereas some competitors go with the Boeing 747-200B. However, I want a modern-looking airline., so most of the jets we own are 747-300, followed by the Airbus A380-800. Moreover, you might also buy some ultra long-haul planes, such as the old Airbus A340-500 or its successor Airbus A350-1000, to make an efficient 168-hour schedule with as few as possible destinations.

However, Don’t forget to look at the DC8-73, which can, for instance, do SIN-ZRH in precisely 24 hours. Owning the supersonic airliner Concorde from Aèrospatiale/BAC is fun but costly and inefficient.

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tricks airlines manager

12h and 24h respectively 24h combinations are simple aircraft uses, whereby the longer the route, the more income and less Airport cost. Therefore a Boeing 747-400ERF carrying just cargo can be used in parallel on a 12h trip. However, we often schedule long-distance flight (35h), meaning that we combine them to make even weekly schedules. The tricky part is to schedule the planes in such a way that the daily demand decreases linear, meaning that the demand remains on each day the same.

It is recommended to use this source provided by Playrion for Airlines Manager. You can quickly discover flight distances, flight times and other information such as the category availability: Destination Finder.

We own a few Airbus 340-500 and use them on 168-hours matching 5-days long-haul trips. Maybe just an impression, but these flights earn a lot (fewer airport fees). Nevertheless, that approach is very time consuming and you always have some destinations, which will be over- or under-served.

Usually, cities within one country have similar passenger numbers. hence, This makes it easier to mix the flights if you are on a 168-hours schedule with different destinations.

It is a real time game. hence, You can only do as much as you can afford. Scheduling 300+ airplanes take time, so be patient and do it step by step, which will also have a positive side effect on your daily earnings.

Top 100 - airline manager

Finally, after approximately three years of gambling addiction, discipline and a few in-app purchases, we reached a Top 100 Airlines Manager position. In the meantime, around 4 million other players are signed up as Airline Managers. Thus, The game is detailed and intricate. 

Hence, You get a great sense of the complexity associated with running an airline. Accordingly, We play the Airlines-Manager Professional version for endless and real-life experience. It is slow, but it is also fun to see daily progress. This actual time delay also avoids the need to check your airline’s situation hourly.

We stopped playing the game in 2021.

Check the Game F1 Clash.

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12 Responses

  1. Airlines Manager is a popular airline management simulation game that allows players to run their own virtual airline. With over 30 different aircraft models to choose from, players can manage their airline’s finances, create flight routes, and expand their fleet. The game also includes realistic weather and air traffic control systems, adding to the overall simulation experience.

  2. The concept of managing your own airline is a fascinating one, and the app seems to offer a realistic experience with its detailed flight scheduling and management features. It’s no surprise that the game has gained a dedicated following of aviation enthusiasts and tycoon game fans.

  3. Airlines Manager Tycoon is a highly engaging and addictive app for aviation enthusiasts and business strategy gamers. The app allows players to manage their airline, making critical decisions such as route planning, aircraft purchases, pricing, and staffing. The game’s realistic simulation creates a challenging experience, requiring players to manage their airline’s finances, handle unexpected events, and compete with other players.

    One of the app’s most impressive features is its attention to detail in aircraft and airport design. The app has a vast collection of aircraft from different manufacturers and allows players to customize their planes’ liveries. The airports are also detailed, reflecting their real-life counterparts.

    The app has a supportive online community, where players can exchange tips, strategies, and share experiences. This community aspect enhances the app’s social appeal, making it an enjoyable experience for players.

  4. As a frequent traveler, I was intrigued by Airlines Manager 2, and I must say, I am impressed with the level of detail and realism in the game. The game’s user interface is easy to navigate, and the graphics are stunning. I love the level of control I have over my airline, from setting ticket prices to selecting the right aircraft for each route.

    What sets Airlines Manager 2 apart from other airline simulation games is the strategic elements that are involved. You must constantly analyze your expenses and revenues to make informed decisions, such as expanding your airline’s fleet or opening new routes. It’s a great way to learn about the complexities of running an airline and to test out different strategies.

    Overall, I highly recommend Airlines Manager 2 to anyone who enjoys simulation games or has an interest in the airline industry. The game is both educational and fun, and it’s a great way to pass the time while traveling.

  5. Airlines Manager Tycoon is a game that simulates the operations of an airline company. As a player, you are put in charge of managing the airline and making strategic decisions to keep it profitable and successful.

    One of the things I love about this game is the level of realism and attention to detail. The game accurately simulates various aspects of running an airline such as route planning, aircraft management, marketing, and finance. It requires players to be strategic and think critically to make the right decisions.

    The game also offers a lot of replayability as players have to adjust to different situations. For example, players have to adjust to market conditions, changing fuel prices, and unexpected events such as natural disasters or economic recessions.

    Another excellent game feature is the ability to compete with other players in multiplayer mode. It’s great to see how your strategies compare to other players and learn from their decisions.

    The game’s UI is also well-designed and user-friendly. It makes it easy to navigate through the different menus and options.

    I highly recommend Airlines Manager Tycoon for anyone interested in the airline industry or management simulation games. The game offers a lot of depth and replayability, and it’s a great way to learn about the inner workings of an airline company.

  6. Airlines Manager is one of the best games playable on desktop and iOS. Thank you for the tipps and tricks.

  7. Terrific article! That is the kind of info that should be shared around the web. It helped me to reach a top 1,000 ranking place.

  8. Here are some tips for the game Airlines Manager Tycoon 2022
    Unlocking cargo in the research centre can increase your revenue by up to 20 per cent. However, it’s up to you to customise your aircraft by providing space for cargo in your hold
    The more flights your airline operates, the higher your wages will be without you having to do anything
    A strike can break out any day, depending on satisfaction and opportunity. To avoid this, you should always try not to lower salaries but keep them at a satisfaction rate of over 97 per cent. In the event of a strike, all flights for the day will be cancelled, and you will be informed via an in-game message.
    If a runway is too short, a plane cannot take off.

  9. Thank you for this blog. Here is my take:
    Try out routes and gather price experiences: Everyone wants to know the best ways and hubs at Airlines Manager. Yes, the ones that bring the most profit. You can serve those with the A380 in 24h flights. How do I know that? The best HUB is apparently LAX, as this ingenious editor has calculated.
    Pay attention to staff satisfaction, they say, don’t allow strikes. That’s a load of rubbish. Hiring and training your temporary workers to keep an eye on the cost structure is much more critical.
    Invest as much as your “structural cash box” offers. You can find the daily profit figure under Finance->Financial overview. This figure is the amount you can spend daily without going broke.
    Research wisely: Think about which airline you want to run. Don’t invest blindly in the cargo sector, for example, if you don’t want to become a cargo airline. Instead, prioritise research in finance to be able to ask more banks for loans.

  10. Good Overall. I only have one complaint: I wouldn’t say I like games that make you wait for real-world time to complete tasks. 24hr wait time to complete plane maintenance isn’t my thing. You can pay or watch the same three ads eight times to cut the time down, but it’s still a long time, and I immediately lose interest in playing for a few days. The game occasionally crashes, which isn’t a huge deal.

  11. You have to plan some time to get into the game well and think of your tactics, but I find the research system, for example, perfect. Route prices are high, but they are just as realistic due to the ever-decreasing subsidies. It’s nice that the aircraft models are also realistic and have corresponding prices.

    The only annoyance is a minor bug that always shows the old account balance after closing and restarting the app; I would like to see an improvement on the part of the developers.

  12. An excellent simulation game that is addictive but leaves no choice but to be patient. The beginning is tough, and you could quickly make mistakes. Leasing is a variant, but the plane configuration often needs to fit the purpose. Less is certainly more at the beginning, and well-optimised long-range flights help. Airlines Manager is a stunning game.

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