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Airlines Manager Tips Review
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Playrion Airlines Manager is a professional simulation game where you can run your airline! Moreover, you are the newly appointed CEO of an airline of your choice, with 300 million in your hand. Hence, it’s time to become the number-one airline in the world. Train your skills and show the Airline CEO that you can be a disruptive challenger.

Further, don’t be fooled by the mobile platform because Airlines Manager is a proven real super-deep simulation game. There’s firstly a lot of numbers and, secondly, logistics to take care of here. 

Tips for airlines manager


The economy class used in Emerging Market regions is preferred, whereas always pay attention to the cargo possibilities – good money and increases quickly. In our case, this is CGK – Jakarta – Soekarno Hatta International Airport to CMN – Casablanca – Mohammed V International Airport. Thus, We serve the route as part of a 168-hours week schedule resulting in 63 weekly flights using the Airbus A380-800 model with a 372 (341/25/6) 51T configuration.

Whooping weekly results: 43,092 Pax in Economy-, 2,569 Pax in Business-, 476 Pax First-Class, and an insane 5,747 T of Cargo. Or, in financial terms, generating a gross profit of 51,219,545/day or 292,902,743 net profit a week.

Buy fewer aircraft types, making replacement/rescheduling easier. The Airbus A380-800 is undoubtedly one of the more efficient aircraft, whereas some competitors go with the Boeing 747-200B. However, I want a modern-looking airline., so most of the jets we own are 747-300, followed by the Airbus A380-800. Moreover, you might also buy some ultra long-haul planes, such as the old Airbus A340-500 or its successor Airbus A350-1000, to make an efficient 168-hour schedule with as few as possible destinations.

However, Don’t forget to look at the DC8-73, which can, for instance, do SIN-ZRH in precisely 24 hours. Owning the supersonic airliner Concorde from Aèrospatiale/BAC is fun but costly and inefficient.

tricks for airlines manager

12h and 24h respectively 24h combinations are simple aircraft uses, whereby the longer the route, the more income and less Airport cost. Therefore a Boeing 747-400ERF carrying just cargo can be used in parallel on a 12h trip. However, we often schedule long-distance flight (35h), meaning that we combine them to make even weekly schedules. The tricky part is to schedule the planes in such a way that the daily demand decreases linear, meaning that the demand remains on each day the same.

It is recommended to use this source provided by Playrion for Airlines Manager. You can quickly discover flight distances, flight times and other information such as the category availability: Destination Finder.

We own a few Airbus 340-500 and use them on 168-hours matching 5-days long-haul trips. Maybe just an impression, but these flights earn a lot (fewer airport fees). Nevertheless, that approach is very time consuming and you always have some destinations, which will be over- or under-served.

Usually, cities within one country have similar passenger numbers. hence, This makes it easier to mix the flights if you are on a 168-hours schedule with different destinations.

It is a real time game. hence, You can only do as much as you can afford. Scheduling 300+ airplanes take time, so be patient and do it step by step, which will also have a positive side effect on your daily earnings.

Top 100 - airline manager

Finally, after approximately three years of gambling addiction, discipline and a few in-app purchases, we reached a Top 100 Airlines Manager position. In the meantime, around 4 million other players are signed up as Airline Managers. Thus, The game is detailed and intricate. 

Hence, You get a great sense of the complexity associated with running an airline. Accordingly, We play the Airlines-Manager Professional version for endless and real-life experience. It is slow, but it is also fun to see daily progress. This actual time delay also avoids the need to check your airline’s situation hourly.

We stopped playing the game in 2021.